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I'm J-P Brun, an entrepreneur deeply devoted to digital marketing, brand building, visual storytelling, and e-commerce. I'm thrilled to introduce Elevation Marketing, a venture dedicated to help propel businesses to new heights.

Helping you Stand

Out from the Crowd

At Elevation Marketing, our unwavering commitment to quality propels our work. We invest wholeheartedly in aiding clients in achieving success, driven by their growth and achievements.

Our mission: Establish strong, authentic brand identities that resonate with audiences and differentiate businesses from competitors.

Whether enhancing your marketing strategy, crafting compelling campaigns, or exploring untapped channels for a competitive edge, we're here. Our expertise helps you attain the remarkable marketing results you seek.

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VISION - To empower businesses to achieve exceptional brand growth and marketing success.


As an entrepreneur, I've had a thrilling journey scaling a global hockey brand. Over 15 years, I collaborated with remarkable individuals on diverse projects.

Seeing HockeyShot evolve from its origins into a thriving global business fills me with pride. Equipped with lessons from this journey, I'm passionate about elevating your business and marketing efforts. Your success drives me, and I'm committed to using my expertise to help you excel.

Prepare to reach new heights and make your mark in your industry!

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Boutique Agency

We're a boutique marketing agency with a focused, agile approach. We build deep client connections, immersing ourselves in their stories and becoming part of their teams.

Through strategic partnerships, we provide personalized strategies for outstanding results. Join us for a dynamic collaboration where creativity and strategy drive your success!

Our Core Values

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"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Some of our Services

“ The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

Recruitment Strategy

Marketing Strategy

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Visual Storytelling

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Digital Marketing

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Graphic Design & Video Production

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Web site Creation

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Read what our clients have to say

Ted Wagstaff - North45

"Our relationship with J-P and Elevation Marketing is fantastic. They consistently deliver the results, helping to bring our vision to life. I highly recommend them for your marketing success."

Ted Wagstaff

President, North45

Julien LeBlanc - BluePrint

"Elevation Marketing flawlessly executes our digital marketing strategy, delivering consistent results and staying ahead of the competition in the ever-changing digital landscape. The EM team is more than a partner; they're an extension of our company."

Julien LeBlanc

President, BluePrint Management

Jesse Brun -

Mortgage Broker

"J-P and his team, a group of highly talented and passionate marketing professionals, have significantly contributed to building our brand and digital presence. They are consistently responsive, flexible, and forward-thinking. It’s a pleasure working with them."

Jesse Brun

President, Easy Construction Loans

Some of our Projects

Julien LeBlanc - BP

Brand, Digital Marketing

Easy Construction

Brand, Email, Landing Page

North-45 Investments

Marketing Decks

Pickleball Ninja

Brand, E-commerce, Digital

Your Confidence QB

Brand, Digital, Subscription

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Elevation Marketing

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